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Hi I am looking to get a car receiver installed with dvd and iphone playing enabled to the max but would also like GPS even if I could get the tom tom app and google maps playing on this receiver is fine.


But what sort of DVD car receiver do people really reccomend for iphone I think I have an iphone 3gs or one of the earlier ones that I hope will last until the iphone 6 comes out, in the meantime I will need a receiver that also charges this old dying iphone.


The receivers I have looked at and sort of like are: Eclipse AVN827GA for around $2499 at the darer scale. And double din A/V receiver Sony XAV-63 around $399 but I don't think this cheaper one has gps can my iphone gps be displayed on this model. Or the pioneer AVH-2450BT with a smaller screen and priced around $899 I also don't think this has GPS and again can my iphone's tom tom and google maps and TVNZ ondemand (now on my iphone in New Zealand) and you tube be played on these cheaper receivers.


But people out there might know of better receivers for iphone in general.




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