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if i format a usb drive, to say hfs+ , is 1 partition already made on it?  Trying to figure this out is confusing as there does not appear to be a 'partition map scheme (guid or master boot record) if i do it this way.


However, if i specifically select "1 partition" on the usb drive, i get the choice to choose between guid and mbr


in a plain format, like in the first way i described, is a partition made on the usb, or is it all just emptyless and partitionless space for storage (and would this also mean that nothing can boot off of it)


many thanks

Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    To format a hard drive, a partition must be there, so when you format it, the partition is already there (unless you have all the space of the USB as free space). In conclusion, you probably have a partition on the USB drive before and after formatting it

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    To set the partition map scheme, click the options button on the partition tab.

    Unless it was a bare hard drive, then it has a partition map scheme, likely MBR unless you changed it.