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Wow - I can't believe it. iPAD can not handle an invite sent by outlook ? Discussion since years in the iPhone forum and still no solution ?


I found out two cases :


1.  outlook invite is sent from outlook using an Exchange -Server account to the iPad and the invite is received as

an attachment namend  "mime-attachment.ics".

Opening this attachment works and in can be added to the calender on the iPAD.


2. outlook invite is sent from outlook using a pop3-account to the iPad and the invite is received as

an attachment named "mime-attachment.ics".

Opening this attachment DOES NOT WORK, so it can not be added to the calender.


@ Apple : when will you provide a solution for this ?

iPad 2, iOS 6.1.3
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    We are all users here. No one on this forum is an employee or representative of Apple.

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    You may not have an actual Outlook account (meaning you only receive Outlook emails & invites from others). If you do have an Outlook account, as an alternative, why not set up your iPad's Calendar app for that account? Instead of receiving the invites via email, the invites go directly to your iPad's Outlook calendar. That's how I use my Calendar for my office's Outlook and I never have a problem getting, accepting or sending invites.


    This article will help you set up your Exchange account on the iPad:


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    thanks, but sorry, this is not what I asked for.

    It is no option to use the iPad on the exchange account

    I need the iPad calender accepting *any* invite not only form exchange accounts.