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hello: my sister has talk me into coming to the computer. she gave me her old mac. 2 of them now i went from just from not knowing about the mac now i am just plane lost. now after all that here is the QUESTION: ON one of the mac's the dvd is open it try's to close but it stays open. And when i go to start it will make this beep beep about 3 to 4 times. i have too keep turn it on & off 5 or 6 times, then i get the apple gong sound. On to mac #2 the one i use the most when i try to down some stuff it will say can't open file and it is so slow. my sister said to open the utilities when i go too it says it has 0 items on it. she had to remove somethings cause she has some for her eyes only stuff she had to get out. can someone PLEASE help me!!!!

   And i would like to know when i buy a new mac can i take some of the stuff ( programs ) from one of the old computers, do i put one of them little things in a UPS port or what ?