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I've lost the Airplay Icon from both my iPhone and Macbook Air, so I assume there's something up with my AppleTV setup (connected via LAN ).

Airplay was working fine until recently.I've checked all settings and they seem ok. Anyone any further ideas?

All other functions work ok, streaming video off the net , playing iTunes (installed on Macbook Air) from AppleTV etc

I've just lost Airplay from 2 devices.

AppleTV was updated in the last few days, but the Icon was lost before that.

Thanks in anticipation.


iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3, 64Gb
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    OK. Solved !


    A simple reboot of my modem/router (the fibre one from BT - BT Infinity) fixed this for

    both my iPhone and Macbook Air.

    I can also mirror my iPhone screen to the AppleTV now too.

    (mirroring only worked from my Macbook Air before)

    That must be a new feature. Excellent !


    I guess I should have tried that before, but maybe this will help someone


    Happy Easter