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I have followed all direction related to playlist and still, playlist is not functional. I'm not new to computers to following directions so these are not issues. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I restore, reinstall the playlist software and resync? Any help is most appreciated.

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    What do you mean "playlist is not functional"?  They don't work in iTunes, you can't sync them to the shuffle, you can't select them when using the shuffle...


    The VoiceOver feature is a key part of using playlists on the 4th gen (and 3rd gen) shuffle.  This document provides directions for setting up and using VoiceOver




    Including the sections on Changing playlists and To choose an item from the playlist menu.

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    Yes, the voiceover, which is the only playlist function I'm aware of for the ipod shuffle. As I said, I downloaded the software and followed ALL instructions to the tee. I've now restored  my ipod shuffle, reinstalled the voiceover software and rsynced my ipod to itunes. Still, this playlist feature does not work on my ipod shuffle. In fact, the voiceover feature for individual songs only works sporadically - as if it has a mind of its own. I appreciate your reference to the guide and as I stated, I've already done that. If this is a known problem with the ipod shuffle then perhaps there is a solution. This is a simple feature with very easy instructions. It's unlikely I've downloaded the software incorrectly or am not following the very simple instructions correctly. Also, the voiceover box is ticked on itunes prior to my sync.


    I appreciate your attempt to help, but as I've said, I've read the instructions. Any other suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

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    Well, my mind-reading superpower is not working today, so I have to ask the (perhaps) obvious questions to know what you mean by "ALL"? 


    When you press and hold the VoiceOver button on the shuffle, do you hear it saying the playlist menu?  What does it say, if anything?


    You may have loaded the shuffle from one or more playlists, but are the playlists themselves on the shuffle?


    First, if you are using the latest iTunes, the sidebar may be hidden.  If so, go up to the menu bar, and under View, select Show Sidebar.  This will make it easier for me.  You can change it back later, if you want.


    In the sidebar, under DEVICES, select the shuffle.  You should be able to "toggle down" the shuffle's content list, so that it appear indented under the iPod.  It should say Music there, and if the playlists are on the shuffle, they should appear there as well.  Do you see the expected playlists under the shuffle in the sidebar?

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    I'll respond to each of your questions in the order you asked them.


    When I hold the voiceover button, SOMETIMES I hear the song name and artist. Most times, nothing happens. I do hear the volume fade and come back and I also hear a double clicking sound. After a few seconds and no announcement, the volume returns to normal. Never am I able to use the voiceover button twice in a row and hear announcements. I ALWAYS have to push the voiceover button a few times to get it to announce anything.


    Yes, the playlists are on the shuffle. In the itunes sidebar, under devices, I see my ipod and my music (21 songs).The four playlists I added (the total number of songs on the four playlists is 21) are also there.


    Do you have any additional suggestions? Thank you.

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    It''s possible that the shuffle's VoiceOver button is defective; it would be covered under warranty if this is a recent purchase (up to one year).


    You can try doing a Restore on the shuffle in iTunes.  When you select the shuffle in the sidebar, the Restore command is on the Summary tab to the right.  This will erase the shuffle, re-install its software, and set it to default settings.  If a software glitch is causing this problem, a Restore should fix it.


    Otherwise, if there is an Apple Store nearby, you can have it checked by a tech at the store's Genius Bar.  You can make a reservation using the store's web page



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    As I said, I did a restore. I'll take your advice and visit an Apple store. Thank you for your efforts.