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Question on iPhone 5 if I back it up to iTunes now and if I want to restore my phone and a new onw just to get the yellow other down some how do I get my contacts back on my phone and my email? Thanks let me know as soon as you can please

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3, iPhone 5 and iTunes
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    Sync your contacts with an app on your computer, as described in the manual: http://support.apple.com/manuals/

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    one question if I do do that I already have my contact button on in icloud will they show up when I sync with icloud when i start up again after it's to icloud part when you start up your phone again

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    If you are already syncing your contacts with iCloud they will be re-synced after the phone is restored. it will happen automatically as soon as you add back the iCloud account on your phone.

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    sweet thanks also one other thing I found this though! is this what your talking about also?


    100% other fixed.



    I tried all the fix's you have all mentioned and all failed.


    I have A 16gb iPhone 4 that had 3gb of apps and 7.7 gb of other

    I was getting error my phone is over capacity messages.

    My phone was running slow and freezing constantly.


    This ended up being the fastest and easier total fix.


    Do a clean restart.

    Restore your phone. Do not restore from back up. All that does is being the problem back.

    Take some screen shots of what apps you had where on your phone 1st. That makes getting everything back in order a breeze.  Restore and select new phone.  Then plug in your info and your other will be non existent after.

    Either way restoring takes a long time uploading everything again. By doing it fresh not only did I wipe out my other but when I selected my apps to put back on I cleaned house as well.  That and I mixed up my music also.


    Now my phone runs like a champ.

    The only thing you must be prepared to loose is text messages and call history but there are programs to transfer those to your computer before doing the wipe out.



    I ended up only loosing a few notes as I forgot to back those up to iCloud 1st.



    Good luck and seriously.  It takes less time then you would think.

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