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I was alirght when I updated a few months ago and realized that iTunes had been redesigned compltey.  No big deal right?  After using it for ten minutes, I hated it.  It's sloppy, rediculously difficult to find simple ways to change something and it's STILL buggy.  I was so relieved a couple of weeks ago to see that there was an update but after installing it, I realized it was still the same. 
Is there a way to revert to the old format?  Is there a new update coming out?


1) there is no column browser option to use in my library when my phone is conneced


2) it has troube syncing any more than 20 songs at a time


3) it freezes more often than any other program on my computer


4) I have to restart my computer when it stops transferring music on my phone because even if I close the program and disconnect my phone, it doesn't fix the problem.


5) it's just an overall ****** update and NO ONE I've talked to (Mac or PC) likes it at all. I've even started seeing meme's about how terrible it is. 

iTunes, Windows 7, please fix your crappy program