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I got a Epson WF 3540 wireless printer.  I have a Windows computer and a MAC Air.


I have a Windows computer connected thru a wireless router.  I have the printer on sharing on the Windows computer. The Windows computer prints.


The MAC Air does not.  The printer is shown when you open in the print/scan screen for the Epson printer in the MAC, but says it is not connected, in the printer queue,  when asked to print. The MAC shows the printer.   I've sharedand not shared  the printer in the MAC. I've downloaded the driver from Epson, and rebooted.


I'm a windows guy and the MAC is my wife's. I'm lost. I just don't see any clues to connect to wireless printer device.


What a I missing?


I haven't a clue to what OS it has. 

MacBook Air
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    It's not clear why you would share a wireless printer from Windows. Why not connect directly to the printer?

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    I have not planned to shift my stuff to an Apple product. I had  printer but it was hard wired thru the Ethernet cable to the router and the Windows computer.  I was just trying to find a printer that would do both Mac and Windows based, then she could work out of any room. the Windows computer is a desk type.

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    Try setting up the printer as a standalone network device.

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    that was my plan of attack tonight

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    Ok after 2 long nights, i got the printer hardwired to the wireless router with the printer wireless setting off.  I can now print any where in the house with the Mac. The router would ping the printer but the Mac wouldnt if I had the printer set on wireless.  I'm learning.  The router and the Mac did not have the same address. She is up and running now.  I guess I'm going to have to take the apple classes, to keep her machine going.

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    Your printer is on Apple's AirPrint list.  It therefore could easily be used wirelessly if you like.


    To set it up that way, follow the "How to Add a Printer" section here:



    Here are some comments about AirPrint:

    AirPrint basics

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    I have had this issue specially after the printer goes idle  and have had to resetup the wifi everytime which is a PIA.  I just did it a different way then the directions to have my mac point to the specific network IP address and things worked great now!


    If your issue is that when you go to print... the mac isnt finding the printer... try this:


    1. Go to your printer and click on the wifi setup menu on the touch screen (assuming you have already setup your printer to connect to your wifi router)

    2. scroll down and click on wifi\network status

    3. scroll down and not the IP address

    4. Go to your Mac > System Preferences > Print & Scan

    5. Click the "-" to remove the current printer setup you have for the Epson (this should delete the profile from your list of printers)

    6. click the "+" to add a new printer

    7. On the popup window... the top icon menus are Default, Fax, IP, Windows... click on the IP menu tab

    8. enter the IP address you noted from your printer in the adress field (ex.

    9. Your mac will automaticaly see if it can connect... once it does, click the "Add" button.


    Your Mac will now know where to look on the network to connect to your printer.  For some reason these steps are not listed in the directions and I just happen to try it myself and it has worked for me.