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OSX 10.4.11 Updates to QuickTime and Java.

Browser says out of date. Updater says up-to-date. Is this version no longer supported?

How can I update QuickTime and Java then without upgarding? I wish to keep a back channel to OS9

G5, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Mac OS X Tiger was discontinued years ago, and if Software Update doesn't detect any new update, it's because you are running the latest Java and QuickTime version for Tiger.


    Apart from that, I see that you have a G5, so the most recent Mac OS X version you can use is Mac OS X Leopard, another version that it's (or it's going to be) discontinued soon. PowerPC support is completely dead now, and if you want the most recent QuickTime and Java versions, you will need a Intel-based Mac with OS X Lion or Mountain Lion, that have got the latest Java 6 versions and they are compatible with Java 7

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    Thanks for this. I am aware of that the world of PowerPC has been abandoned. Not that impressed. I have Macs running Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and Tiger. The important thing is backward compatibility. Many of my documents and files are rare and valuable. Strange that in the digital age no one gives a **** about saving files less than ten years old let alone those 20 years old. I keep my Tiger mac alive so that I have access to OS9. Would be nice to think I could at least surf the net with this and share files with colleagues. Is TenFourFox the solution?

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    TenFourFox is a Firefox version for PowerPC Macs. I don't think it's going to solve anything, and its developers say that you don't have to use TenFourFox if you need Flash or Java