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Hello all,

I have an intel iMac mid 2010' 19 inch (I think it is..)
Anyways, As I came back to my mac, (I put it to sleep the night before) I noticed the screen was stuck black..I tried to wake it, patiently waiting for atleast ten minutes, then I powered down (hitting the power button).

So I turn it back on, and it loads but then I notice after the apple came on and the loading circle, it stayed grey. I also noticed there were tiny lines to the bottom left of the cursor. So I reset the PRAM. No luck. I came accross an article that told me to do CMD+R. So I did it, and It worked, so this is how im typing this. So I went into disk utility, and erased all hard drives, (bootcamp WHICH I suspect there might've been a virus) So then I put in a Macbook ****MACBOOK**** Cd, because I lost my iMac CD. So I hit C, and then It came up, BUT, it was all distorted, and I couldn't load anything. I even repaired disk perms. in CMD + R. STILL, after that nothing, tried 5-10 times. Then I tried loading my windows side,

Nothing. Black screen, and then it restarted.  I'm very frustrated and if someone could help right now, it'd be fantastic.
With many thanks,

iMac, Mid 2010
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