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I somehow misplaced my original disc(s) for this product. My old computer is hanging on by a thread, so I can still view the data on the pop-up screen after logging in. Is there some manner that I can utilize this to get Logic Pro loaded onto my new machine? I'm retired and don't have spare $$ to buy another version.


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Logic Pro, iOS 4.3.2
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    The first method involves the use of the Migration Assistant program... to move your old computer's aps and data over to your new Mac..but people have reported very mixed results... so use at your own risk and make sure you fully back up your new computer before doing so...


    http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4889 if your old mac was running Lion or Mountain Lion




    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4413 if your old mac was running Snow Leopard


    Failing that... (and as i said, it might well fail!!)


    Contact Apple and explain your situation in full, including the fact you are retired and on a limited budget.


    I have found them to be very helpful when needing replacement disks for my clients who have damaged or lost them... and in a couple of cases, the charge was really minimal (less than $15 for a full set of Logic Studio/ Logic Pro 9 DVDs)

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    The Art of Sound,


    Thanks for the suggestions. I tried multiple times to use the Migration Assistant, but could never satisfactorily link the two together. I'd enter the number generated and it would attempt to move on, but would seemingly timeout.


    Do you have any suggestion as to how I'd go about contacting the proper folks at Apple, as in an email or phone number?


    Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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    Yes.. here is the main list of contact numbers...


    Just call the main one for your locale, explain the situation and they should transfer you to the correct team for further assistance...



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    Hallelujah! I thought I'd looked everywhere, but just as it seemed there was nothing left to do but make the phone call, I FOUND THE DISCS!!! We were already talking about re-purchasing Logic Studio (for some reason, my memory didn't recall it was Studio and not just Pro), in case Apple didn't feeling exceptionally kind when they heard my story.


    Thanks again for your assistance!



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    Well, that is good news indeed!