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My question is ... I purchased a Macbook Pro in June 2007. I don't use it as often as I should, because I  purchased a IMAC later and a Iphone. So, I didn't have the need to use my laptop. Everynow and then I would use it to keep the battery charged and pay some occassional bills. Just recently my screen stop displaying. I called Apple care to find out that there was and issue. It was with the NVIDA GeForce 8600M GT. I was then told my warranty was up and it wasn't not covered. I was also told that , Apple did extend a warranty to those who were immediately effected.  I explained if it is a defect and we all agree with that. Why, I'm I subject to pay for the defect.....  In the many responses to the awnser. Tough luck you didn't get the memo.....  Wow I appreciate a response to this issue.

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    The NVIDIA defect was not entirely Apples fault as Apple does not produce that part how ever you are correct, the AppleCare Protection plan is always a good idea even just for general questions, if you are this unsastisfied, call back and ask for a senior advisor and tell them that this should be covered by Apple, they will as always do their best for you.