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Hey guys, first post on this website, so go easy on me!

About two weeks ago, my Early 2011 15' Macbook Pro's logic board failed on me. It was only nine months out of warranty, and costed me around $2400 at the time of purchase (high end 15' model).

I went into the Apple store to diagnosis it. They did a hardware test, and even though the logic board appeared to be fine on all of the tests they did, the guy there said that he's 100% sure that it was.

$630 later, I have a new logic board. I feel like I've been cheated by Apple, and a $2400 computer shouldn't need a $600 repair not even two years later. All anybody from Apple can say is 'Should have got Apple Care', which I find iggnorant.

Has ANYBODY else had this problem on their Macbook's around this year? Also, what would the best way to try and get compensated for this be? I have tried Customer Relations once, but he didn't seem to budge.. Just kept telling me that it was 'bad luck' and there is nothing he can do. Bad luck doesn't break an expensive machine like this so quickly.


MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011)
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    you arent going to get compensated, your mac was out of warranty when the component failed.

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    My Late 2007 MacBook Pro had a logic board failure at about 2-2.25 years old.  I had purchased AppleCare so I did not have to pay the $1200 for the replacement logic board in my 17" MacBook Pro (purchased new for about $3300).  Aditionally, I had the logic board replaced once more under Apple Care before it expired, but that time was due to a technician replacing the LCD with the wrong panel which caused the logic board power output to not be able to properly drive the correct LCD when it was finally put on the system.  That one did not come form Apple Care (The LCD was covered under Apple Care just 1 month before it expired), but the logic board was free due to "technician error."  That system is still running fine today, at about 5.5 years old.

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    I had the same problem this past month, late 2010 Macbook. Got my logic board repaired free of charge (was still under warranty). I'm almost positive I read something saying that this was a known problem with Mid 2010 to Early 2011 Macbook Pros. I'll try to find a link to clarify.


    Update to a link:

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    This actually looks promising!


    I am going to call Apple in the morning and ask them about this article directly. Before I got it replaced it was doing this, along with a handful of other things.. But it was doing this for sure. And if it worked for you, maybe it will for me too.


    Cheers, thank you!

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    That's only for the 15" mid-2010 models with a known defect with the NVIDIA card. I'm sorry that you had to have the logic board replaced, but I'll parrot again what the Apple folks told you... if inly you'd purchased AppleCare, the repair would have been free. There are no known 'issues' with the 15" Early 2011 models.



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    I just frankly didn't have the extra $300 to spend on a warrenty when I bought the computer for that much.


    It just upsets me that something that expsive, turned into a paperweight only a year and nine months after purchse. I just don't understand how that can happen, and it's not right.

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    Hey guys,


    That was my friend posting before. I told him my situation, and he took my laptop to find answers.. I guess he started a thread to see if there was anything he could help me do.


    Appologies if he seemed a bit harsh, as it didn't go down exactly as he said.


    I talked to somebody very high up in customer relations, and they explained the whole thing to me. Although they didn't compensate me, I do understand where they stand on the situation too. I am very happy with Apple's customer service, and appologize for what my friend said above. I have dealt with situations with other companies, and Apple is still by far the best customer service I've had yet.


    Thank you for everyone for your suggestions though



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    I had the same problem last week. My Mac is being repaired at the moment I am writing and it's going to cost me 600,00$. I've had this Mac since august 2011 (almost 2 years ago). It is ridiculous that we must pay 1/4 of the original price although we are out of warranty. Apple's product should last longer.

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    I have the same make and model and my MacBook is currently at the Apple Store getting a new logic board.


    It was in at the Apple Store four days previously and the hardware diagnostics showed no problems across the board. There was some hard drive cruft which may or may not have been related to the logic board.


    For the past couple of months I've had the screen turn off and nothing aside from a reboot would get it back. I've has the screen fritz out and pixellate twice too. I was ignoring the issue up until rebooting failed last week. I could hear the fans whir and then nothing. It resurrected itself 24 hours later and then behaved during its trip to the Apple Store, but it pulled the same stunt and refused to boot yesterday.


    Intermittent issues suck. Nice to get an answer and a fix sorted.


    Yes, I have Apple Care, however, it's quite possible that local consumer protection laws would have seen the repair covered even if it was out of warranty, as they override any business warranty.

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    And less than two weeks after getting a replacement logic board it needed to be replaced again. This time the USB ports were flaky. One was mostly working and one was mostly not working.

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    Mine is doing the same thing. It just started a couple a weeks ago. My fans are clean and its on a cooling pad.
    The computer locks up when it tres to change from the non discreet to discreet graphics. I sure due have a very pretty $2400 paperweight. Envy of all my friends

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    Same thing here. Same model same problem. $900.... Does not feel great when the repair guy says that I've done nothing to cause this but apple will never pay for it. Like saying these are just meant to hold for 2years so buy the AppleCare.

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    Add my Mac to the list. I was writing some code in Xcode, horizontal lines on a blue screen.tried a few things and nothing worked so I took it to the Genius Bar. The hardware tests passed but their other test wouldn't boot. The technician can only assume the problem is with the logic board and the cost is $310 to ship my Mac to their repair facility. I was hoping to hold off on a new Max until the 2nd gen MBPr, that looks less likely.

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    Add me to this list as well, I have always had issues with my Macbook Pro (late 2011).


    First after 3 months of owning my Macbook Pro my display went out so I took it in and they put in a new monitor, then the next issue: Everyday I pack my Macbook in my backpack before I go home, there were times when I would get home I would find that it was very hot and the fans would be running hard (loud). When I would open it up, the display would not turn on but the keyboard lights would be on. Only way around it was a force reboot. 


    Now, today, I came to work and turned on my Macbook Pro, after about 20 minutes I had a blue screen with vertical black lines in it. I restarted it and found a gray screen, it seems to be heat related because if I let it sit for a while it will start up, I can login but after a while it will go back to blue screen.


    I went to see an "Apple genious" and they told me it seems to be the logic board, $300 for service center or $500 for internal repair, so even if I had AppleCare it would cost me the same. But at the end of the day I feel that I bought a lemon. I thought I bought an strong dependable Apple product but I feel as though I bought an overpriced Windows machine. It would be cheaper for me to buy a new Windows machine each year then maintain a working Macbook Pro.

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