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i have noticed that the other wider mac books of the same year was able to install windows 8 on bootcamp but why 13inch is not compatible it doesn't make sense at all. is it the cpu? i can install it just fine in VM but if i want to play SC2 i want to play it on bootcamp.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Windows 8
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    Wher did ytoiu "notice" that the mid 2012 Macbook Pro does not support Windows 8? See the chart here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5634 under the heading Mackbook Pro.

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    if I had to guess, I'd probably look at the video drivers. More than likely the video controller in the 13" model doesn't have supported video drivers (or some other such hardware).  I'm not familiar with the 2010 line of MacBook Pros to say positively, but I would guess a critical driver is not supported.

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    Thanks for your help. i found a way around installing the windows 8 on my mpb with a fresh install. it seems i stumbled upon it by accident when trying to figure out how to install xp on my mac.  right now i'm trying to install the bootcamp driver for it and i can't seem to get it installed. error says its not compatible with my model when trying to install the most recent ver 5 of the bootcamp. and the lower ver 4 seems to say it would do and install but i think the win 8 is conflicting for it to start.

    so right now i'm trying to find a bypass command in cmd for the installation to work. so far i can start the setup on cmd but my failure to produce the right command to bypass verification has me stymied.

    do you happen to know what command (or other way that) will work in this particular setup that will skip verification of my model all together so i can install the drivers successfully.

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    I figured it out thank for everyones help.


    this is what i did to install win 8 on mbp model that does not support win 8. please note that this procedure can work installing lesser os but you must make sure the bootcamp driver is of the same or around the date your computer model was made.


    you will need a win 7 cd

    the os cd of what you want to install

    the bootcam driver .exe file that is no more then 1 year old of your model the better you can perform an update when your done. can be found in apple site.


    durring install insert win 7 after restart press the eject cd button and switch cd of the os you want. if you didn't make it in time just press power button for 5 sec for shutdown and the cd will load next time.


    then for win 8 click custom. delete bootcamp partition you allocated then reclick the drive then click next.


    follow the install step and you finished installing the os.


    then with an external drive have your bootcamp driver for your mac then do an update. then your done.


    you can choose your os by clicking the icon and click start on mac os or durring boot hold option and then choose the drive you want to boot. hope this helps i tried making it simple and striait to the point.