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This is really weird & started a month or so ago after an iOS update.


At home my iPod works fine & i have no issues.

At my office, using the facebook app, I can not post a status update or comment on one - it just disappears.

All other forms of messages work fine - it is only & specifically if i post a comment on facebook. (a facebook 'like' or priviate message is ok)


I thought it must be something to do with the wi-fi - but after checking the router there are no weird settings, everything is just the default settings.

Facebook on my office computer is fine (using same wi-fi), all other apps & internet stuff works fine on my iPod at the office too - its only this one 'status update' issue that doesnt work.


Note: Using Safari on the iPod & m.facebook - i CAN post updates, so its just the FB app not working.


What could this be?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion