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I received new iphone5 cause my old iphone5 has problems.

I had to send my old iphone5 back, but I couldnt. Cause Im in us military , I had urgent problem in my troops.

So I had to go other state during 2 weeks and I just got back from other state.

I really apologize that I couldnt sent it back.

I knew if i dont send my old iphone back in 10 days, apple s gonna charge 680 dollars.

Now I can send it back to apple my old iphone5.

If I send it, and u guys get back, then can I get my holding money back?? ( just checked my bank account

It was around 680 dollars)

Thanks for sens new iphone5 and I hope to get good news back.

Thanks apple always!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2