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I am using motion 4 as part of my FC studio 7 package on my mac book pro.  The HUD doesn't display. 


I have trawelled the internet and found when this happened to others it fixed when they trashed the com.apple.motion.plist preferences. I have done this several times and I am still not getting any HUD. 


I am wondering whether working in motion 4 on Mountain Lion 10.8.3 could be a cause.  I have checked for the latest updates for OSx and for motion 4 and everything is updated.


The function Keys are also not working to open the HUD or the Project windows etc.


Would love some help with this.

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Sony Z1
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    Try using the Digitial Rebellion's Preference Manager to delete the preferences. It's free and works with all the pref files for the whole FCS suite as well as a number of Adobe creative suite apps.



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    Thanks Studio X,


    I used Digital Rebellion's Preference Manager to delete my motion preferences.  I did it twice and the second time made sure my trash was emptied and then rebooted the computer.  It still didn't work, still no HUD. 


    I am thinking it must have something to do with OSX Mountain Lion because Motion 4 is a few years old and when this problem come up before trashing preferences was enough.

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    RE: Missing HUD


    I am having real problems as I am training in Motion 4 and while I can work around most things in the Inspector, somethings just aren't easy to work around.


    I would appreciate so much if someone could help me solve this problem.  I wonder whether the fact that none of the function keys work to open things like the Project pane etc may be related to the missing HUD window.

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    I think the solution is to upgrade to motion 5.  That's probably why no one else has reported this problem. I still want to stick with FCP7 and didn't realise I can have motion 5 without FCP X.