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All my playlists disappered from iTunes. I'm running Windows7 Pro. I must have lost the playlists after an update. I haven't listen to iTunes for a couple months, mostly Pandora, but yesterday I went back and all my playlists were missing. --- I do remember an update some time back.


I tried to find an answer by Googleing my problem but nothing worked or was applicable. I found solutions that were older and that had tips like "Go under File in the menu bar and import...".

For some reason I neither have File nor a menu bar , nor an import option. I can't even find out what version I have - but you can assume it is the latest because I always click OK when Apple throws an update at me.


Do I have to start over or can I get my playlists back?  ---- I have used an assortment of  media players in the past. Mostly some smaller but brilliant ones and something like this never happened. I'm not sure how I feel about this happing with Apple's iTunes.  Usually I would have thrown it out but I need iTunes for my  iPod and iPad and I'm about to purchase an iPhone. So I can't let this one go.


If I can restore it - or even if not - , I will make sure I do a back-up for my playlists. I have never done a back-up for PLAYLISTs in the last 15 years (!?). But from what I read some people recommended it for iTunes. I would like to add this question to my original problem: how do I make a backup of my playlists? Do you do it too? Is it REALLY necessary - or can I plow on more or less safely for the next 15 years?


Thank you in advance for your help.

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