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I got a 40G color photo ipod froma friend and had it restored, plugged it in, added my music, unplugged it, and used it just fine. I went to plug it back in to add a few more things and it was not recognized by iTunes. The autoplay window came up and then the iPod installer said I had to restore the iPod- which I did. Then I reinstalled my music, unplugged it, and it worked fine. Then I plugged it back in and the same thing happened. I went to the apple store and they restored it again and ran diagnostics on it. It seems to be just fine. I got it home. plugged it back in to my laptop, added my music, and it worked fine. Then I unplugged it and it messed up again.

You can see the frustrating cycle that I find myself in. Here are the things that I have noticed:

When I stop the update partway through, disconnect and then reconnect, it seems to be fine. Once the update is finished and the iPod is disconnected and reconnected, it seems to never work properly.

Also, it seems that when it is working properly, when I open the safely remove hardware window, the iPod is recognized as an iPod. It reads:
USB mass storage device
Apple iPod USB device

When it is not being recognized, I open the safely remove hardware window, and it says:
USB mass storage device
Generic volume - (E:)
Apple iPod USB device

Could this be the problem?

iPod 40G color photo   Windows XP Pro