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My current situation is this:


I have an OD Master that has been slowly dying.  Sometimes I can log into WGM, but most times I can't.  Currently I can't use WGM at all.

Users can't sync to their home directories, because ServerAdmin shows a <blank> space where the owner's name should exist.  Most users CAN log into their local machines using the OD Master as the Network Account Server.


I WOULD demote the Master and promote the Replica, but I'm not sure the Replica is any better.  When I try logging into the Replica, I can at least view the list of users, groups, etc, but can never authenticate.


Checking the logs doesn't provide any one error message that seems helpful.  I have tried restarting the server multiple times and repairing disk permissions.


After researching this problem online, I'm not sure the OD is corrupt or not.  Users are able to log in, and view Group Shares/Folders that exist on the OD Replica.  But they can't view Home Directories which exist on the OD Master.


Since I'm not the one who set up this OD, I'm hesitant to just go poking around lest users become unable to access Group Shares/Folders.


*Yes, DNS is configured properly.

Xserve (Early 2009), OS X Server
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    So the Owners name on each individual user home is missing? Or the owner name on the home directory share is missing?

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    The POSIX owner name is missing when I view the user's home dir through Server Admin.  When I try to re-add the owner/user's name, I can type in a user/group, and then save, but the blank reappears as soon as i click "Save".  It's like the Open Directory isn't available, when the home dirs are ON the OD Master.  Also, I can only access the OD from another machine running WGM.  Just can't authenticate properly on the OD Master.




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    Tough to troubleshoot this one without seeing your setup. How about if you try to mount the home volume from another machine over AFP. Does that work?


    Also would be interested in what happens if you were to create a new user and new home in that share.