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Recently purchased all three to help simplify my Home/Business network but having issues connecting and communicating between all three.

Whole home is hard wired for ethernet in every room so I assume this would be the fastest method of linking all three together but would also like all three to broadcast wireless for full property coverage. I beleive I am using airport utility 5.6.1 for setup. I am working on Windows 7 machine.


Setup so far is:

Motorola Cable Modem with Charter Service to Wan Port of Time capsule (Seems to all work well)

Then in other room/level Airport Extreme with ethernet from time capsule to Wan Port of Extreme

and this is the point where I lose it... I haven't even gotten to the Express on the basement level..

Could anyone chime in with more understandable instruction on both hard wire configuration and software using

airport utility?

Or maybe point in right direction? What other info needed?

Certainly appreciate any help..

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    If you have not done so already start with this KB article




    the 2nd link speaks to roaming networks.




    I have a similar set up and it works well w/little to no issues.

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    Thank you for these links I can't beleive I did not come across them before, especially after spending 3 hours on the issue...This information helped get me up and running.

    However, I still have questions regarding I.P. Addresses and if I need to "reserve" and/or create any specific I.P. addresses for each individual base or express attached to the network so that I never have conflicts communicating? For that matter should I set specific I.P.'s for any devices also on the network like printers or even workstations that stay connected all the time?

    I'm fairly familiar with setting of Cisco or D-link web interface routers and they seem to do all of this for you and rarely had issues. Do the Apple brand routers operate the same way other than using the I.P.'s rather than I.P's of the Cisco etc. standard..

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    Ultimately, I would like for all Airport "routers" to be connected via ethernet to maintain maximum incoming speed but also transmit wireless signal at highest strength possible to service any wireless clients that may be in the area. In addition to this I would like for all Devices both wired and wireless to be linked together and have access to each other all within this same network. If I can achieve this with Apple products I will consider all issues closed.

    Does this seem to much to ask or difficult for a novice to accomplish?

    Again I appreciate your help as Im not in financial position to hire this job out.

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    The roaming document explains adequately how to setup... at least the principle of it.


    It isn't hard at all..


    One device is the main router.. You create a wireless network from this router.


    All other devices are bridged.. (that is router bridge not wireless bridge)

    They all get IP address from the main router.

    All of them create a wireless network..

    if you want roaming you simply use the same name SSID (wireless name in apple speak).. same security setting WPA2 Personal = WPA2 AES and password.

    But you can setup different networks if you want.


    Channels are supposed to sort themselves out automagically.. but I don't believe in voodoo.. try voodoo first and if it fails, no biggie.. set manual wireless channels.. set simple short names no spaces pure alphanumeric. 


    It is perhaps new for you and the lack of html setup is a pain.. but it isn't hard to do. Apple have cut back the number of options to barest min to do the job.


    Come back and ask specific questions if you run into trouble. We have some very clued up people here.. who spend their life energy answering the same question every day with a cheerful attitude.. never seen the like.. on a windows forum you would be told to RTFM.

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    All systems green for last 48 hrs. Although I think I am going to get rid of airport express and acquire another Extreme Base as I would like to keep whole ethernet infrastructure at Gigabit speeds at least up to end user point.

    This may be overkill but I've come this far.

    My next obsticals are setting up USB drives for on-line/network storage additional to the Time capsule.

    Thanks to all for the support