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I know I am just getting my feet wet, having come across my first unsurmountable problem that is most likely a piece of cake to most who frequent here. I just downloaded a midi file with a few tracks in it, which opened in Logic Pro 9 with no problem, but when I hit play there is no sound, the meters indicate signal strength and all looks good but no sound. In searching these forums I see that setting the MIDI output volume and channel correctly is probably at the root of the problem. So now, before I pull what little hair I have out, I ask if someone here could help me with this basic question for which I find no answer to in help indexes or on any forum or YouTube. Two things: 1.) How do I set the output volume (need specific help as to which knob, where and a screen shot would help emmensely here) and, 2.) How do I set the correct channel if I need to with this problem.


It is strange to me that I cannot find the answer on the entire internet or in my exellent books I have or in the Logic Pro 9 Manual. I can only think that my question is so basic that no one thinks is is worth addressing. I have no experience with the mixer panel and I think that is probably where I could find the answer if I knew what I was doing. I don't want to go messing where I don't know what I am doing, so I come here first for help.







MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, 8G RAM
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