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I have AST installed on my Snow Leopard Server.  The Gateway Manager reports everything in order except the Apple Service Toolkit Version as " Unknown (Update Available)".  I have Diagnotic OS 8,9,10, and 11 installed.  Any clues?

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    I had this exact same problem.  I reinstalled the AST153.dmg installer and everything was correct in the Gateway Manager after that. 

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    Here is the final story on this one. Apparently, I had a partial installation of AST on another server and this was the root of the problem.  Earlier versions of AST were more forgiving but version 1.5.3 not so much.  I had to manually remove the partial installation of AST, install 1.5.3 on my main server and everything was working. 


    I found that the AST utilities and the uninstall Gateway apps didn't work very well on the partial installation server.  Manual removal was the only way.