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So apparently when you delete a playlist on your iPhone it deletes that same playlist in iTunes. I thought it was the other way around? Long story short I was recording a video and needed more memory to record so I deleted the playlists on my iphone thinking it would clear up some memory. Is there any way to get my playlists back onto iTunes or are they gone forever? I tried putting the XML file on my desktop then restarting itunes and importing the XML file into the library but that didn't work. I'm sure some of you know how frustrated I am because it deleted 4 playlists containing over 1200 songs. It will take a while to recreate, any help will be appreciated.


If this issue can not be resolved I will be sure not to buy another apple product again, that is ridiculous how itunes went off of what was on my iphone instead of what was on itunes to determine syncing.

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    Empty/corrupt library after upgrade/crash

    Hopefully it's not been too long since you last upgraded iTunes, in fact if you get an empty/incomplete library immediately after upgrading then with the following steps you shouldn't lose a thing or need to do any further housekeeping.  Note that in iTunes 11 an "empty" library may show your past purchases with links to stream or download them.


    In the Previous iTunes Libraries folder should be a number of dated iTunes Library files. Take the most recent of these and copy it into the iTunes folder. Rename iTunes Library.itl as iTunes Library (Corrupt).itl and then rename the restored file as iTunes Library.itl. Start iTunes. Should all be good, bar any recent additions to or deletions from your library.




    Alternatively, depending on exactly when and why the library went missing, there may be a more recent .tmp file in the main iTunes folder that can be copied & renamed as iTunes Library.itl to restore the library to an earlier state. Look for a recent .tmp file that is similar in size to the .itl files in the Previous iTunes Libraries folder. If it has happened repeatedly you may want the earliest such file generated since the last iTunes upgrade.


    If applicable, see iTunes Folder Watch for a tool to catch up with any changes since the backup file was created.


    When you get it all working make a backup!


    Should you be in the unfortunate position where you are no longer able to access your original library, or a backup of it, then see Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.


    I've noticed more of these missing library posts of late and a common factor to most since I started asking is AVG Anti-Virus. It seems in some cases it might be at least part of the reason why the library file disappears. Try excluding the iTunes folder from any AV scanning process.



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    this method will take me back to december 2012 itunes library i will lose too many songs, ill just have to settle with recreating the playlists, thanks for helping.

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    If your playlists disappeared because of a library "reset" there may be more recent .tmp files that have a more up-to-date version of your library, and you can always add the songs from your media folder again. Failing that you can at least backup for the next time something goes wrong.