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I want to use my iphone or an ipad to wirelessly print customer labels (look like 2.5" x 3.25" shipping labels) from a DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo label printer set up in a delivery van.  Does anyone know of an app or software that will accomplish this?

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    if the printer does not support airprint you'll have to use another computer to enable airprint (linux,mac,windows)

    you'll also need a wireless network

    in a van you could use a raspberry pi which is a low power, low cost, credit card sized computer, $25.00 US

    wifi adaptor, and CUPS installed on the raspberry pi

    the raspberry pi runs linux which is free, you could power it from a cigarette lighter adaptor or any suitable DC power source. I think it's 5 volt DC at 1amp

    linux CUPS supports airprint out of the box

    connect your printer to the raspberry pi and share it via CUPS


    I don't know how you'd generate the lables, you might be able to use pages or one of the other word processing apps. You could print photo's of existing lables


    you might need a data connection so the ipads connect to a central DB enter customer details and generate lables then print them locally similar to how couriers operate