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I have a 10.6 web server running a few websites. The Server Admin tools web graphs work fine locally on this server.


I wanted to remotley manage that server so i downloaded server admin tools 10.7 to my other host machine running 10.7.

All my services work when I monitor them; however I cannot get the web graph to show me anything. It's also happening to AFP graph service.



Any ideas?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Not the answer you want, but, yeah, Server Admin.app on OS X 10.7 does that with the OS X Server 10.6 graphs.  Unfortunately.


    I've pinned Screen Sharing into the Dock, and use that if/when I need those, but the goal (here) is to upgrade the existing OS X Server 10.6 boxes I'm still dealing with to something newer. 

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    I upgraded to 10.7 and was able to get web sharing working after some tweaking.


    Do you know of any good third party web sharing monitoring tools for 10.7 such as VirtualHostX and Webmon?

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    "Web sharing monitoring tools"?  For reading the logs?  For outage notifications?  For security?


    The web server used in OS X and OS X Server is Apache.  There are all sorts of tools around that can be used monitor Apache.  That can involve changing the log file format generated, but that's an easy change.


    Web sites such as pingdom or zerigo watchdog can be used, as can ifttt or other such services.  A folks have even converted Google Docs into a web site monitor, if you're into creative solutions.


    AFAIK, VirtualHostX isn't a monitor, it's a tool that — like the server tools — enables and manages Apache virtual hosting on OS X, whether the integrated Apache or MAMP or such.  With OS X Server, the tool manages what Apple calls "Sites".  Haven't had much use for that, as Server Admin.app has met most of my requirements there, and directly editing the configuration files has resolved the rest.


    I see various different tools named WebMon, so I'm not certain which you're looking at.


    Some of the more general monitoring tools include munin and monit, cacti and zabbix.  There are many others.


    I'd suggest posting a different (new) question for your quest for suggestions here, with some details on what you're monitoring (just web? mail? snmp?  other services and protocols?), how much you're willing to implement or maintain yourself (there are brute-force ping scripts around, for instance)  and some general idea of your budget.

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    The WebMon I was looking at: WebMon


    I want something free that will show a screen in real-time traffic hitting my websites - very similar to the web traffic graphs in 10.6 server.

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    Haven't used that software from Cut Edge, but have used another package of their stuff.  Worked fine.  You'll probably end up spending more than $15 of time and effort and downloading and rummaging getting anything else going, too...