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Hello, i have the following devices.


  • iPhone 5 (current iOS)
  • iPad 2 (current iOS)
  • Windows 7 machine with Outlook 2010


The issue that i am experiencing is with the Mail client on the iPad/iPhone & also in Outlook, which is as follows. The sent icon (curved arrow) is for example not showing up on my iPad/Outlook if i send email out of my iPhone. I can use any of these devices to send an outgoing email, but the icon will only appear on the originating device. The sent items folder on the other 2 devices (which ever 2 they may be) will show the sent email.


Is there a way that i can get this icon to show up in the inbox next to the email to show if it has already been replied to?


The mail server runs off Exchange 2007. All 3 devices are configured to use this email account.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3