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I am in a large corporate environment and we have 100 ipads and another lot of iphones. The problem right now is we cannot use half of the apps effectively because we don't have network drive access from those devices, for good reason to. It is so easy to just drag and drop and move all sorts of junk around. We have that user error now with just regular workstations. My other fear is like with excel documents. There is no good app for excel. All of them do diff things, and treat files differently. I tried 5 of the most top ones, and one can't see hidden columns, some can't do the formulas correctly, etc. Right now users are just taking data by syncing with itunes or emailing the file. We do not have some type of dropbox, because of the situation where they could copy an entire network drive unknowingly and fill up everyone's space. Also they could install it at their home computer and take data.



We will eventually introduce like citrix, but that does't allow them to use the actual IOS apps even though they could use a RDP session to a computer

any thoughts?

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    Sorry, but I'm not sure what sort of thoughts you're looking for. You seem to have ruled out most of the available options.  If you don't want to allow documents anywhere but on your own file shares and aren't happy with the existing Excel-compatible iOS apps, then having your users take control of a Windows session on a computer, either individual or virtual sessions a la Citrix, is the only alternative.



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    I want to allow documents everywhere. Meaning accessibility. We thought about dropbox, but a simple user error and the whole 1tb of data would be copied over the the cloud, and then start syncing to devices. Users could install this on their home computer,a nd have all our company data. I hope you see the risk in that.


    The excel compatible IOS apps I tested are not good.I don't know if anyone has any better experience with a particular app, but our excel docs are not simple docs, they have advanced formulas etc.

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    I'm not questioning your decision; I understand the security concerns. But again, you seem to have ruled out all options other than remote control of a system on your network; the existing iOS apps don't meet your needs so an app that allows access to documents on your file shares isn't an option, and you won't allow the documents elsewhere so you could use a third-party service such as CloudOn that runs the real Excel application in virtualization. So remote control of systems on your network is the only alternative.



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    The big kicker with those applications is it seems like drag and drop without warning the user, for example deleting.

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    The problem right now is we cannot use half of the apps effectively because we don't have network drive access from those devices, for good reason to.   


    You can give them drive access.

    Windows File server



    It is so easy to just drag and drop and move all sorts of junk around. We have that user error now with just regular workstations. You seem to have the issue with Windows. 


    As you know, there is no file manager on the iPad.   Pick your applications with the restrictions you need.  You might want to look at the divide app.


    Yet, you want to block access to the iPad because of a Windows problem.  I'm guessing you have your serves set up with read/write access.  Seems you need to change your servers to read only access. This will prevent users from moving things around. 



    You are experiencing the problem of too many "chefs".

    Your larger issue seems to be document management. 

    This is who gets access to the files.  Who has the rights to change files. Who has the rights to put files on the server.   I am familiar with version control in software development. Software version control systems were a hassle to use at times. It is necessary on large projects.  


    In a simpler setup, you give someone ownership over each document. Let them manage the change process.  


    From a server point of view, you create one big folder. Each document owner get a subfolder of their own.  The owner gets read/write access to the subfolder.   Give everyone read only access to the whole thing.  Of course give the folders project name not names of people.  Robert

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    Thanks for the feedback. I wouldn't say it's only a windows problem with the drag and drop. A few months back the software I tested for IPAD had that same drag and drop functionality. I understand your view on document management and giving rights to folders and having someone maintain. That's fine. But even that person managing could make the mistake. I guess what would minmize that error is having some sort of applicaiton that has warnings, are you sure you want to delete, are you sure you want to remove, rename, etc. I have not seen that yet. I will try that filebrowser you sent.

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    FileBrowser only connects the iPad to your file shares. You will still have to use the iOS apps that can open Excel documents, and you said those are inadequate for your needs, so this would not seem to be a solution for you.

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    Understood, I was only using excel as an example. We have other document formats that we have had no no issues, such as PDFs, our drawings, etc.


    Webdav is nice, but there are solutions that I heard of that the app can automatically launch your cisco VPN, and create tha tconnection for oyu as needed. Just one less thing the user has to deal with.

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    Glad you were able to read my post.  The forum software made a mess of my first post.  I've fixed it now.


    I didn't mean to imply that filebrowser was a solution to you document management issue.


    You cannot rule out the human element.


    A good docuemnt management sysem would have versioning control.  It would have a copy of all the document versions.


    There's always ftp.  Make your shares read only.  Use ftp to update the share.



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    Haha no problem. Thanks for the responses guys.

    Yeah, I looked at an SFTP solution. SO many choices to choose on how to deploy, just want to make the right best choice the first time so it doesn't come back to haunt you.

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    Take a look at MobilEcho or ActivEcho. This is an enterpsie "Dropbox" like solution, but uses your storage and servers.



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    You may want to consider:

    Document Management System -- DMS


    There are a lot of choices.


    Some comments on DMSs

    http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11188760/web-based-document-file-management-s ystem-for-large-amount-of-files


    I think filerun has a good balance between function and usability.



    Unlimited license is $1799

    ldap support.


    Here is the main screen:

    filerun options.png


    Allows you to restore and access any version:

    Picture 6.png