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I lost my contacts from icloud on all my devices. I was editing  my contacts list on my mac book pro (through icloud). I went to delete a set of contacts because I had two. I tried to restore them from icloud and they are not there. I also looked at restoring them from my itunes account, but my contacts are set to sync with icloud. Are they gone forever?? I looked in my macbook's trash to see if they went their but they didn't. No, I don't have a time machine backup either. I have an external back up but it is not that recent. I thought icloud was a backup.

MacBook Pro, I have ipad, ipod, iphone, and mac
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    iCloud is not a backup.


    If you deleted your contacts (in the iCloud account) using Contacts on your Mac they are gone.


    How did you try to restore them, and what version of OSX are you using.

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    I have OSX lion. I tried to restore from my ipod. It is synced with icloud also. I didn't care if I messed it up. I just use it for music. I reset it and when it asked I said use an icloud backup.