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I think my biggest issue with messages is how it will occasionally "hide" responses. I can sit and chat at my friend who uses iChat on her mac and I won't see her responding to me. I usually either have to restart the program and hope it doesn't do it again, or switch to a different account. I tend to bounce back and forth from AIM and Gtalk/Jabber accounts just so I can talk to her uninterupted. It seems to happen at random so it sometimes takes a bit to realize what is going on. Mostly it's her responses being hidden from me, but occasionally she doesn't see mine.


Second, it will disconnect accounts i'm using at random, forcing me to switch to another, and inevitably it may or may not disconnect that too. Clicking the available status to reconnect them sometimes works but not always and often times I have to restart messages to get it to behave. Other times it just disconnects my accounts entirely when my mac is showing no issue with the internet connection.


I primarily use my AIM accounts so I'm wondering if I should just download AIM again and call it quits for Messages, or perhaps switch to Adium. I do like being able to have all of my chat programs/accounts on one easy application but not if it's going to constantly bug out. Any suggestions? Or ways to fix this?

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)