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Leesabelle Level 1 Level 1
My ipod won't turn on or charge. If left off for a while, and I plug it in the computer, the apple icon comes up and fades away and that is all it does. You can hear a fast ticking noise on the inside if you listen close while it is plugged in. My itunes program isn't picking it up or my computer isn't either. Yesterday occasionally a battery sign would come up and then fade way until I plugged it in again. If I unplug it and plug it back in, the screen is flashing and then just goes black. The reset function will not work.

ipod nano, Windows XP Pro
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    I had the same issue, and the only way I could get my Ipod to charge was place it on a powered dock. Noone seems to have the answer, even when I sent my ipod to Apple, they could get it to work. When I got it back, I STILL had the same problem. I can use my girlfriends ipod on my charger and it will charge just fine. I do not know what the answer is. If any one has had a solution for this problem PLEASE let us know
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    Now its just a blinking screen while it is plugged in. It stops after a while but restarts if I unplug it and plug it in again. The computer still doesn't detect it.
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    i think i had the same problem as you, i took it to the apple store and they told me that the hardware was damaged and there was nothing i could do except get 30% off if i brought it in when i bought a new one. does yours still play any music?
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    No it does nothing at all except make clicking noise and blinking screen only when plugged in. I registered for service and now it's on it's way to Apple.
    After leafing through what seems like hundreds of postings in a matter of days, I'm really surprised that such poor technology is such a popular item.
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    I'm having the exact same problem and I've only had my 2 gig iPod Nano for 48 hours.

    I charged it for the required 6 hours when I purchased it, then I updated my software, then loaded it with around 250 songs, and it worked fine until this morning. The battery had about 1/3 left, so I plugged it into my computer and left it ... and after 3 hours it hadn't charged even a bit, it had actually gone down. After another 3 hours it still hadn't charged so I tried charging it on my laptop instead of my work computer, left it for another 3 hours and it went dead, then it started clicking and constantly rebooting the apple logo would flash then fade out and this would continue to happen until I unplugged it.

    Once I unplugged it I would leave it for a few minutes during which time I could not turn it on at all. Then I would plug it back in, it would give the 2D black and white battery charge symbol for around 20 seconds then my computer would pop up a warning that the USB device had malfunctioned and the iPod would fade out and start its clicking.

    Since I've only had it for 2 days I shouldn't have a problem returning it which I'll do tonight. Hopefully I can return it.
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    The place I purchased it guaranteed it for 30 days and after that I had to send it to Ppple. They were really prompt with sending my package to mail it to them, I dropped it off Tuesday and my replacement ipod should be delivered today. I'm more than impressed.
    I hope they have solved some of the bugs these nanos seem to have.
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    I took my iPod to a local Mac store yesterday and the Genius first hooked it up to one of their Macs using the same kind of cable that comes with the Nano (USB) and it didn't do anything. Then he took it and plugged it into the same kind of cable but Firewire and the Nano booted up, then he took it to the back and hooked it up to their Windows machine, did an update for me and brought it out.

    He said that if it didn't work on my laptop to bring it back and he would exchange it (even though I didn't buy it at a Mac store - very cool). I went out and tried it on my laptop (it was in the car) and it seemed to work upon first glance, but around 40 minutes later the battery was totally dead so I plugged it into a car charger I bought while at the store ($20) and it booted up instantly.

    I did a few tests and it seems the cable that came with the Nano worked great to charge the Nano initially and to transfer songs over but after that it started generating static. Now it will allow me to transfer but it drains my battery really fast and doesn't charge the Nano at all.

    Since the Nano's battery is only good for 500 charges I'll get a new cable as soon as I can so I don't drain it everytime I plug it in.

    I have to say I'm not impressed with the iPod thus far but the service at the Mac store was fantastic.