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Hi guys,


I upgraded to iP5, from iP4, on the day it came out. Since I had it, it's been resetting itself - I've explored every avenue I can think of and now I'm on the verge!!


This is the chain of events:


Sep 12: upgraded to iP5


On the first night, turned itself off to the extent I had to hard restart.


A number of subsequent shutdown/hard restarts followed (including one which meant my alarm didn't go off and I was late for work!).


Trip to Apple store. New phone.


Next day: new iP5 turns itself off, but instead of staying off, it immediately turned back on. An improvement, but not ideal.


Numerous more random reboots. Further trip to Apple Store: suggestion is restore from back up.


Back up restore only seems to make the issue worse. Apple Store advice: connect to iTunes, restore from back up. No improvement.


Apple Store advice: set up as new phone. No improvement.


Today, my phone has reset itself 4 times while I've been using it. Some while I've been using (different) Apps, once when it was tracking my run on Nike Plus.


Everytime new software has come out, it's been updated immediately.


As it is, it's almost unusable, certainly not reliable. I can't get an appointment at my nearest Apple Store now for another six days, and I can't have my phone in this state for a week!


Can anyone help? Anything at all??!!


Thanks in advance,


iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3
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    If restoring as new (without backup) doesn't work, you'll have to wait six days.

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    Thanks Paul. Blunt, but to the point!


    I snuck into my local store and managed to get an ad hoc appointment. Looks like I was just unlucky in that my original handset and the replacement had similar, but slightly different, problems. I have a 3rd handset now and, touch wood, all ship shape and Bristol fashion!


    As ever, the guys in the store were tremendous.