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I have a MacBook Pro bought in dec 2009. Currently has mountain lion osx installed. Worked like a dream until today. Randomly froze, so I restarted it. To find I got a grey screen. It wouldn't start. Also note my DVD drive doesn't work, but mountain lion was installed via App Store anyway.


So here's what I done so far:


tried resetting PRAM - No success

Done disk utility. Disk verified with no errors. I even re formatted disk. - no success starting.

Tried re installing mountain lion via download . It froze halfway installing -no success.

Tried backing up a time machine backup from my USB hard drive. It froze at 1% - no success

Tried booting from safe mode - no success

Tried the command line boot - no success.


Please someone help!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)