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I have recently gotten a Macbook last December, and in the recent months I've noticed that even while surfing the web, the bottom seems to get REALLY hot. I have tried to close all other applications other than the one I am using, and still it seems to get hot. During the occasional game, the Macbook warps the plastic mat underneath the computer.


I used the widget iStat pro to measure the heat of some core components and these are the temps:


These are the temps for when the Computer is Idle/No Programs Running


HD Macintosh Hardrive: 86 Degrees

Ambient: 101 Degrees

Enclosure Base: 90 Degrees

Enclosure Base 2: 90 Degrees

Enclosure Base 3: 92 Degrees

Heatsink B: 121 Degrees

Mem Bank A1: 97 Degrees

Mem Module A1: 121 Degrees


These are the temps for when the Computer is running 1 game called Minecraft (popular game, shouldnt cause to much heat problems)


HD Macintosh Hardrive: 86 Degrees

Ambient: 124 Degrees

Enclosure Base: 101 Degrees

Enclosure Base 2:101 Degrees

Enclosure Base 3: 97 Degrees

Heatsink B: 133 Degrees

Mem Bank A1: 122 Degrees

Mem Module A1: 148 Degrees


When I hook up a external fan behind it and elevate the computer, it seems to be a lot cooler but I have not used iStat Pro to measure any differences between idle and running a game. Any suggestions or comments will help. Also, if you think I should take it in to an Apple store to be repaired/exchanged, please tell me.


Also. I have a Speck hard-shell case surronding the Macbook 24/7

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)