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I have recently gotten a Macbook last December, and in the recent months I've noticed that even while surfing the web, the bottom seems to get REALLY hot. I have tried to close all other applications other than the one I am using, and still it seems to get hot. During the occasional game, the Macbook warps the plastic mat underneath the computer.


I used the widget iStat pro to measure the heat of some core components and these are the temps:


These are the temps for when the Computer is Idle/No Programs Running


HD Macintosh Hardrive: 86 Degrees

Ambient: 101 Degrees

Enclosure Base: 90 Degrees

Enclosure Base 2: 90 Degrees

Enclosure Base 3: 92 Degrees

Heatsink B: 121 Degrees

Mem Bank A1: 97 Degrees

Mem Module A1: 121 Degrees


These are the temps for when the Computer is running 1 game called Minecraft (popular game, shouldnt cause to much heat problems)


HD Macintosh Hardrive: 86 Degrees

Ambient: 124 Degrees

Enclosure Base: 101 Degrees

Enclosure Base 2:101 Degrees

Enclosure Base 3: 97 Degrees

Heatsink B: 133 Degrees

Mem Bank A1: 122 Degrees

Mem Module A1: 148 Degrees


When I hook up a external fan behind it and elevate the computer, it seems to be a lot cooler but I have not used iStat Pro to measure any differences between idle and running a game. Any suggestions or comments will help. Also, if you think I should take it in to an Apple store to be repaired/exchanged, please tell me.


Also. I have a Speck hard-shell case surronding the Macbook 24/7

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    FYI, Minecraft is EXTREMELY CPU intensive. It is not uncommon for that game to overheat computers, but you don't have a major problem unless your system gets closer to 180 Degrees. I would check and see if you get hot doing anything else... if not and it's just minecraft, ignore it...


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    I assume that the temperatures you are reporting are in Fahrenheit.  If so, then you are not experiencing any excessive temperatures.  You have omitted the CPU temperature and the fan speeds.  It would be much simpler just to post an image of the iStat pro readout such as this:


    Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 6.34.08 PM.png

    You mentioned that you have a Speck case.  The aluminum body of the MBP is designed to be part of the heat dissipation process and the case is an inhibitor in that regard.  Though popular with many users, I do not favor them for that reason.



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    Im using the program smcFanControl, which can raise/lower RPM of the exhaust fans, and taken off the Speck case and all seems to be going well. I am also going to use a cooling mat on it.

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    The use of cooling pads is a good idea.  I have never used a fan control but so long as one cannot set them below the speed that is programmed by the Apple engineers, they can do no harm and perhaps assist the cooling process.  Heat is the enemy of electronic devices and any effort to keep the temperatures down will be rewarded with a longer life span for a given device.