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Getting ready to replace external hard drive.I have a 2TB now that is formatted in to 2 drives, 1 for TM and 1 for clone. Told that TM needed it's own drive and should get a second for clones and other files. I can make a bootable drive out of the external but not TM drive.


I was looking at some bus-powered drives and not sure how IMac and TM on a bus powered drive would work. Am I able to consider these bus powered HD's - they have power supplies available? Can I depend on my Mac/TM to work well with a bus powered drive with an ac adaptor (because of there small size) or should I get a powered external hard drive for Time Machine and something smaller for my clone? Any ideas?

Looking at OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini, GDrive mini and the CalDigit AV drive. Open to any suggestions and using FW800.


OS X Mountain Lion, 2TB OWC External Drive for my IMac
Solved by Eustace Mendis on Apr 4, 2013 8:27 AM Solved

This is a personal bias - I avoid bus powered devices. Unless it's a ssd, a hard drive needs power to keep the platters spinning. I prefer not to depend on the Mac's port to provide that power.