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Ok, so running Lion on a MacBook, (2010 i think) and the OS got corrupted(stuck on spinning wheel and grey screen on boot)

Tried to repair the disk via disk utility using an install CD, no go, couldn't repair, so, did a clean install.


New install went fine, computer worked for about 3 days and then stuck on the spinning wheel again.


suspecting physical damage to the harddrive, I installed the OS to an external, and booted from there. Worked for a couple days and then stuck on the spinning wheel.


I have repeated the process 5 times now, each time it works for a little and then craps out again.


What's going on?


as a note, when I say it gets stuck on the spinning wheel, I have left it for 12 hours trying to boot to no avail.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5)