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My Mac constantly needs updating. It reminds me like everyday that it needs an update and then I'll update it and then a few days later it needs another update! This is really frustrating because my internet is too slow to update it all the time. Why does it do this?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011)
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    Well, there certainly aren't updates from Apple anywhere close to that often. Where are you seeing notifications about these updates? Are they updates to apps you have purchased in the App Store? If so, those updates appear as often as the developers of the apps you have installed release updates.


    If you're seeing system updates that frequently, are they repeats? If so, most likely you aren't getting them installed correctly for some reason.

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    The notification is coming through the app store and it says I need a software update through OS X. I don't know why it constantly tells me to update it.

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    If the update hasn't been applied, it will probably remind you until it's been applied. It will probably remind you at least as often as it is set to. You can use the Software Update system preference to turn off automatic updating.


    Why would the system nag you often about an update? Because updates contain bug fixes, and it's good to have the latest fixes. On top of that, software updates contain security fixes, and Apple is very interested in making sure all users have the latest patches for any security holes that have been discovered since the last update. Because as you know, malware and security problems can cause you major problems if they are not blocked by the system. And as far as Apple is concerned they do not want any security problems to end up in the news if thousands of users were to be affected. So they issue fixes as soon as they can.

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    Apple OS 10.n updates come out about every 3 months. I suspect you either haven't performed the update when informed or you have other applicaitons requiring updates.

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    I'm not sure that that answer clarifies anything. Are you actually installing these updates? Are you getting repeated notifications about updates you thought you had already installed? Are these system updates, or updates for a variety of apps you have installed from the App Store?