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If I make a document on Pages for Mac, will it automatically sync to my iPad and iPhone? so if I'm sitting around on the bus and I don't have my MacBook on me and I have an idea for a document I'm working on, I can just pull out my iPhone and edit it there?


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    You gave us quite a few tags, but the one you left out is what OS you are using on your Mac. (Syncing is automatic, or can be, with Mountain Lion, but not with Lion.) I must say that iWork syncing can be troublesome at times as with many new and complicated technologies. I'd suggest that you try using Notes to jot down your ideas, letting them sync to your Mac, and then when you get back to your Mac, just Copy them from Notes and Paste and Match Style in to your Pages document. That way you won't inadvertently mess up your Pages work while riding the bus.



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    Thanks for the help jerrold,


    I don't own a mac as of yet, but I will in the next few weeks, and i was just wondering how it all worked, like it does from my ipad to iphone, which has worked flawlessley for me so far. My Mac will come with the latest OS (Mountain Lion?) I assume becuase I am buying it from the apple store online.



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    There is a forum for iCloud which is about syncing between devices. iCloud

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    OK then, yes, they sync, because your new system will come with Mountain Lion if you buy in the near future.


    As with all new an complicated technologies, we can expect them to improve. I've done some experimenting with Numbers, the spreadsheet program, on both platforms, and if you have the same document open on both systems at once, the changes you make on one appear on the other a little while later.