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For the past little while I have been very frustrated with itunes. I don't have an apple device, but I want to start legitimately purchasing the music I listen to (I live in Canada, so downloading music is legal, but I'd still like to purchase music to show support for artists I like)

So anyways, I download itunes and it says to make an account. Okay. So, I follow the steps and then it asks for my credit card information. I don't have one right now, so I just left it blank. Suddenly, RED BOXES. D: I hate red boxes. So I can't even create an apple ID, eh? Hmm..

So I go to the apple.com website and create an apple ID from there. Success! I can now go to the app store and get ready to purchase music...right? Wrong! "This apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes store. Please review your account information."

Ooookkaayyyy...... so I follow the steps and once again I get to the billing information, which it won't let me skip, so I can't even sign in. I've done some googling and apparently there is or used to be a "none" option for the credit card?? Where has that gone? Why is it not there anymore??! >_>

What can I do do get around this?


TL;DR- I am so not apple savvy. Help me.


Btw, even when I put in the little code thingy for an itunes card in the itunes card box it still wants me to enter credit card info. :/


Eeeehhhhh..... Uhm, never mind. I guess I might have typed in the code wrong or something because it works now. Sorry for wasting youur time, everyone. I'm new to the whole apple scene, I'm an android convert... lol


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