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iPhoto has become very slow and seems to never want to quit. Should i trash the app and start anew... would that effect the library... 37,000 pics. or...?

All apps and system software are up to date.... (4-3-13).

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 27", i7, 8 GB Ram..
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    All apps and system software are up to date.... (4-3-13).

    Are you using iPhoto '11 or an earlier version? Your profile signature says Mac OS X (10.6.7)?


    When did this problem start? After importing new photos? After an iPhoto crash?


    If it happened after importing new images, you may have imported a bad image file or video. Then I'd suggest to remove your last import from your iPhoto library.


    If the problem followed a crash, probably your iPhoto Library needs repairing, or you are running out of disk space.

    How much free disk space do you have?

    • If it is less than 10 GB free space, I'd suggest to make space on your start up drive by deleting unnecessary files as soon as possible
    • To repair or rebuild your iPhoto Library, see: iPhoto 6 and later: Rebuilding the iPhoto library
    • If the built-in ⌥⌘ Library First Aid Tools don't help, try to rebuild the Library with iPhoto Library Manager, see Old Toad's Post here (Fix 2):


    Re: iphoto crashed



    Added: To answer your original question: Deleting the iPhoto application and reinstalling will not delete your imported photos. It is perfectly save, but still, it is necessary to make a backup, before you install/ reinstall any software.

    iPhoto keeps the imported image files in your iPhoto library - that is stored in your "Pictures" folder by default. See Terence devlin's User Tip:                  How to Access Files in iPhoto