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Hi there! I've been trying to set up an Outlook account on my iphone 5 for days now since I do need to check on my corporate email every now and then. However, I really can't find the server name in my account though I have followed instructions on how to find it. The POP setting, IMAP and everything else just shows "Not Available". My question is, is there any server name I can use to set up my account? I mean, a general server name for IOS 6? Does that even make sense? Just so you guys know, whenever I access my outlook web app on my laptop, this is the official site that I enter-->  https://xmail.sti.edu/owa/ .I tried entering "xmail.sti.edu" as the server name but still it won't verify the account. What should I do? Thanks or the help in advance!

iphone 5, iOS 6.1.3