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I have a Western Digital Mybooklive and have downloaded the WDPhoto and WD2Go apps.


The WDPhto app works perfectly, however the WD2Go app doesnt.


I have been in discusson with WD and they have put forward numerous suggestions but I have found nothing that works.

They belive the proble is with the Ipad, although I am not convinced.


When I launch the app, I get a Mybooklive icon to sekect.

After selecting the mybooklive I can see all my public shares.

If I click on one I see the next level in the folder structure but after this when I click on a folder the Ipad gives the busy circle and eventaually I get the message

"Device Offline".

If I the come out of the app and go back in I get the "Device offline " message when I click on the Mybooklive icon.


I can get access to the Mybooklive from my andcroid phone both within my own wifi neetwork and using 3G.

So I know that port forwarding on the Mybooklive is working properly as the android phone and router and mybooklive all talk to each other.


Has anyone got a reason why the Ipad has these issues.

iPad, iOS 6.1.3, WD Mybooklive, SKY Sagem router