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        So I imported a CD to my itunes library. I even put it in its own folder, however whenever I sync my ipod it doesn't show up there at all! How do I fix this?

iPod touch, iOS 6.1.3
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 Level 7 (30,460 points)

    If you are using automatic syncing, the new songs need to be part of the selection in the iPod's Music tab.  Select the iPod in iTunes, and go to its Music tab (next to Summary).


    NOTE:  If Sync Music is not checked there (at the top of the Music tab) already, you are not using automatic syncing.  You should post back for more info, and not to do the following right away.  If your iPod is currently set to load songs manually, changing to automatic syncing may erase what is currently loaded.


    On the Music tab, it is typically set to Sync Music, based on Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.  Below that, you need to make sure your new songs are included in the selection.  If you created a new "folder" (playlist) with the songs, you can select it under Playlists.  Or you can select the album's Artist.  Or you can select the Album itself. 


    However you set up the Music tab as your selection of songs is what will sync to the iPod.  Click Apply to do the initial sync.  Going forward, any changes to the iTunes library that are related to the selection on the Music tab will sync automatically, when you connect your iPod or click the Sync button.

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    I'm having the same problem, my sync music is not checked, because I wanted certain songs on my ipod touch, and now when I import a cd, it won't sync it to mu ipod (it's in my itunes library, but not on my ipod, also the songs are checked). So I don't know what I am doing wrong.

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    my sync music is not checked, because I wanted certain songs on my ipod touch, and now when I import a cd, it won't sync it to mu ipod

    If Sync music is NOT checked on the iPod's Music tab in iTunes, how can you expect it to "sync music"? 


    If your iPod is set to Manually manage music, you need to load the new songs "manually," by dragging the song (or all the songs from the CD) from the music library to the iPod (in iTunes).


    Alternately, you CAN use automatic syncing (with Sync music checked on the iPod's Music tab in iTunes) and select the songs to put on the iPod precisely. 


    Create a new regular playlist in iTunes and name it something like "iPod Songs."  From your iTunes music library, add ALL songs you want on the iPod, including those new songs from CD. 


    Select the iPod in iTunes. There is a row of "tabs" (starting with Summary).  Click on Music there.  On the Music tab, set it to Sync music.  Choose to sync Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.  Below that, find and checkmark only that new playlist, with your "iPod Songs," under Playlists.


    When you click Apply, your selection of songs on the Music tab, which in this case is that "iPod Songs" playlist, syncs to the iPod, replacing its existing content.  Going forward, to update songs on the iPod, just update that "iPod Songs" playlist (add and remove songs) whenever you want.  The next time you connect the iPod, or click the Sync button, iTunes automatically syncs the same changes to the iPod. 


    So, the concept here is to "manually manage" that playlist in iTunes (instead of the iPod directly), and let iTunes handle updating the iPod.

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    Thanks, I guess what I meant to say was that the music tab, where you can check to have your music sync that's unchecked because I wanted certain songs, playlists, videos, etc to be on my iPod touch and not my entire iTunes library. That's where I have run into my problem. I understand what you are saying, but my question/concern is, if I check the box for sync music, a notice pops up if I want to replace existing content, which would end up losing some content, and I don't want to do that. Will that mess up my music that I already have on my ipod that is not listed in my iTunes library?

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    Yes, when you "sync music," by defiinition of iTunes syncing, anything that is NOT in your iTunes library cannot exist on your iPod.  iTunes keeps the library on the iPod "in sync" with either the entire iTunes music library on the computer, or a portion of the iTunes music library on the computer (that you define on the Music tab). 


    You can off-load songs on the iPod (onto the computer), add the missing songs to the iTunes library, and then sync the iPod.  You cannot transfer song files from iPod to computer using iTunes (except for purchases from the iTunes Store).  However, there are third-party methods and utilities that can transfer from iPod to computer.  If you do a Google search on something like "ipod transfer," you should gets some links.

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    I am having the same issue,m but my itunes library is already set up to sync automatically and has been since I first got it.

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    This thread came up for me when I googled the words "iTunes refuses to sync album to iPod" so I thought it would be good to post my solution here... the issue I was having was that iTunes would not add albums that I had selected. Under Music, I have "sync music" checked, and "selected playlists, albums, artists, and genres only " checked. The albums that would not sync were checked as albums to sync. So, I tried to manually add the albums by dragging the album from the library to Devices > My iPod, but that did not work either. In this case it would also appear to be "trying" to sync the music but it never actually appeared.


    Turns out the problem is that iTunes will not let you manually add albums that are already set to sync automatically. So, if the automatic sync fails for mysterious reasons, you must uncheck them so they are not selected to automatically sync, and then you can sucessfully add them manually. That's the solution that worked for me. Hope this helps someone out!

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    What about iTunes Match ? I have this enabled, so don't see the option to ''Sync Music'' under Music tab (I can only check a box for ''vocal memos''.


    However, I am facing the same problem : importing a CD, and it does not show on my iPhone.  I can see the album in iTunes, all the songs are checked, but nothing appear on the iPhone.


    I tried to put iTunes Match off on that computer, but it did not help.


    Isn't iTunes Match (paid for..) supposed to ease the way ?...

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    There are two ways now to get your songs on your iPhone (or other recent iOS device).  If you have iTunes Match, you can download your songs from iCloud.  iTunes Match makes your iTunes music library available on the Internet (in iCloud) and your iPhone can download it from there.  iCloud makes your iOS device a "peer" to your computer, not a device that is dependent on your computer for syncing.


    The other way is to set the iPhone to sync to your computer's iTunes library, which is the "old school" way.  I believe that setting is on the iPhone, not in iTunes on your computer.  You need to set it one way or the other.  You can't have your iPhone sync from your computer AND also sync from iCloud.


    So, IF you have your iPhone set to sync from iCloud, that is probably why you don't see the option to "Sync Music" in iTunes (for the iPhone).  Your iPhone no longer syncs from your computer, it syncs from iCloud, so it doesn't matter if you have iTunes Match on or off on the computer.


    When you import a CD, iTunes first adds the songs to your iTunes library on your computer, then immediately matches or uploads those songs to your iTunes library in iCloud.  After that, your iPhone should be able to access those songs from iCloud and download them.


    This forum category is not about the iPhone, so if you need more details, you should post your question here



    And it's better to start your own forum topic, instead of posting your question in an existing topic.  You can do so by clicking Start a discussion under Actions, on the right side of the forum category page.

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    Same for me. After reading this thread, I searched and settled on TouchCopy12. I did the trial (100 transfers) and I really liked it, so bit the bullet and spent the $30. It does a nice job copying those songs (or entire albums or artists) to iTunes. ***** that iTunes can't do it, but oh well. I recommend TouchCopy.

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    Of course iTunes can rip a music CD to the iTunes library.  That is one of the original "1.0" features, before there were iPods and the iTunes Store, and iTunes only ran on Mac OS 9. 

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    I'm sorta having the same problem.. I downloaded a cd album to my Itunes but when I click to drag it over to put it on my iPod, the iPod doesn't light up to put it on and I have synced songs checked.. I don't know what else to do :/

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    I have synced songs checked

    If you have the iPod set to automatically sync songs, you cannot drag songs to the iPod in iTunes to load them (which is the manual method).


    Select the iPod in iTunes.  There is a row of buttons that starts with Summary (near top of window).  Click on Music next to Summary.  This is the iPod's Music screen, where you tell iTunes how to sync songs to the iPod.


    If you have Sync Music checked there, you are using automatic syncing.  If your entire iTunes music library fits on your iPod, you can choose to sync Entire music library.  Then, everything in your music library, including that new album from CD should sync automatically to the iPod. 


    However, if your entire iTunes music library does not fit on the iPod, you can choose to sync Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.  Then, select (checkmark) the playlists, artists, albums, and/or genres from the lists below.  For example, if you want that particular album, you need to select it under Albums.


    NOTE:  If your iPod was not previously set up to do automatic syncing (Sync Music was not checked), applying the change replaces the iPod's current content with your selection on the Music screen.


    When you click Apply, you selection syncs to the iPod.  Going forward, any changes to your iTunes music library that relates to your selection on the Music screen syncs automatically, the next time the iPod is connected (or when you click Sync).

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    I had this problem too, I added an album to my ipod and the files are there but the album doesn't show up.

    I had dragged the album from a playlist. So, I deleted the album from the ipad and went to the main music catagory in itunes on my computer and selected all the songs from the album and dragged them to the ipad, then and only then did it show up on my ipad music app.

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