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I have an iMac 2011 model and am looking to get the all flash 2012, and will put my itunes media onto a 2TB or 3TB external drive.

Now to back up both my Mac and the iTunes drive, i was thinking of either a 4TB single drive back-up or a RAID-1 4TB back-up with 2x4TB drives.


If i understand correctly, with a RAID 1 back-up, the data on Disk1 will duplicate to Disk2 so if one drive fails my Time machine is still backed-up??



Is this an ideal set-up? my main concern is the amount of data im backing up and insstead of using rotating drives, best to just have the redundancy upfront?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Because I have a significant number of large files which do not change (reference only), and "archive" type files (finished projects) which I retain only for future reference, I have a "two-backup" strategy, consisting of (1) a Time Machine backup for my boot drive and all my applications and active work, and (2) an "Archive" drive, cloned automatically on a periodic basis, so all that archive-type data is available for reference but is not taking up space in my TM backup.


    If I had a setup like yours, I would use the external as you indicate, for your iTunes library, and other things of an "archival" character, and automatically clone that (using Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper, etc.) to one of the RAID drives. Then I would use the other RAID drive as a TM backup for my startup drive.


    It is helpful to remember that Time Machine backs up and keeps every version of each file, so the more files you are backing up with TM, the faster it will fill up your TM backup drive. To my way of thinking, files that are "reference-only," and are not going to change, do not need to take up space in a TM backup.  I have a 500GB Time Capsule which has more than a year's worth of TM backups of the roughly 250GB of data (system, apps and documents) on my boot drive.


    You might consider something similar. Hope this helps.