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SOme setting on my computer is stopping me from downloading iPhone software and Office for Mac software updates (network time-out and 9006 errors).  My IP address is also repeatedly being blacklisted at my web based ISP (they say because of my file sharing settings!).  I am at a complete loss!  I do not run any anti-virus or malware program. Is it my firewal setting?  I have also tried to turn off Airport and effect downloads via ethernet cable directly to my router.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  My firewall log (see extract below) is full of stuff - mentions Dropbox data and nmbd data amongst other things - is this perhaps the problem?  HELP!!!!


Apr  3 14:15:35: --- last message repeated 1 time ---

Apr  3 14:15:35 IDs-iMac Firewall[53]: Deny nmbd data in from uid = 0 proto=17

Apr  3 14:15:53 IDs-iMac Firewall[53]: Deny Dropbox data in from uid = 0 proto=17

Apr  3 14:16:23: --- last message repeated 1 time ---

Apr  3 14:16:23 IDs-iMac Firewall[53]: Deny Dropbox data in from uid = 0 proto=17

Mac, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    I have also rebooted my computer and my router (to change my IP address)

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    Does this Mac have the IP of


    Have you tried quitting iTunes & DropBox?


    Have you checked who all is coonected to your Router?

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    Does this Mac have the IP of  No - that is the IP address of my router I think


    Have you tried quitting iTunes & DropBox? Have quit Dropbox and iTunes, but open iTunes as that is the program i use to download the software update


    Have you checked who all is coonected to your Router? No I haven't - it is security protected and its wireless range isn't long enough to extend beyond the border of my property.

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    You can check the IP of your computer & Router in Sys Prefs>Network, highlight the Interface you use, click advanced, TCP/IP tab.

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    The IP address 192 etc is my router!

    Had a look at my Firewall settings in System Preferences.

    Allow all incoming connections is ticked.

    In the box below under File Sharing (AFP) is - - Block incoming connections.

    Does this have anything to do with my failure to download the software?

    I have managed to do Microsoft Office software updates and a few others, so it appears to only be the iPhone update and my web based email being blocked (blacklisting my IP address) - this service provider says it is something to do with file sharing and their system being "pinged" too many times in a short time frame and thus automatically blocking my IP.


    Am so confused as to how to solve this......

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    Hi there

    Have just uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes.

    Tried the iPhone software download again and this time got 200MBs into it before it gave me a 9006 (network timed out) error.  Am running no anti virus or malware software!

    Completely bamboozled as to how to solve this.

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    Did you find out how many devices are connected to your router? And if your IP is in fact And what the other 4 things connected are?


    Was the 200MB D/L via software update, or directly?

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    The other devices are my family members laptops and mobile phones.  Do you think I should change my password on the router as a precautionary measure?


    All attempts at the update have been done via Software Update in iTunes - as I connect my iPhone it advises that there is new software and I go for the "download only" option.

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    Do change the Password, but are any of those laptops PCs? (most likely suspect for pings & IP banning causes)

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    First up - many thanks for your patience and help!

    The only PC is mine - an iMac (5 yrs old).  There are two Mac Books, one Dell laptop and then an iPad, an iPhone and three Blackberrys (horror!).  Blacklisting is definitely coming from my iMac as this is the IP address that clears the blacklisting.

    Will change the router password tonight.

    Any views on my firewall settings and this

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    I'd disable Dropbox for a test.


    Does the Dell have any anti-virus app installed?

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    Drop box disabled, router passwords changed and still the download failed!

    Dell PC running f-secure (my son thinks - loaded by the school), but Dell laptop has not been online since passwords changed.

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    Whew, this 9006 error seems a bugger from all my research, everything from AV software causing it to De-authorizing iTunes, to deleting files, on & on, no one fix it seems for this problem.


    Is the Modem & Router one unit?

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    Hmmm! It's a netgear Adsl router. Think it is modem and router combined. Connect to it via airport or Ethernet cable

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