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Only one of our two iPads shows up in iTunes under Devices.  Both use the same iTunes account. I've followed all suggestions in Apple support and reset the AMDS.  Any other ideas?

iPad 2
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    chicapez wrote:


    've followed all suggestions in Apple support and reset the AMDS. 

    Can you list 'all suggestions'? As no one here could possibly know what you've already tried.


    iPad not appearing in iTunes


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    Thanks for your reply. Both are iPad 2s and my computer is a PC running Windows XP. Here's what I've tried so far:


    Updated iTunes

    Restarted the iPad

    Restarted the computer

    Disconnected & reconnected cable to computer's USB port

    Tried all USB ports multiple times

    Tried different cables

    Restarted AMDS


    One other iPad and two iPhones display on my computer with no problem. We discovered this evening that the problem iPad does show up on my husband's MAC.


    I started paying to back up data on the iPad on iCloud since we can't sync.  I made sure iCloud was turned off when I tried to sync it again.


    Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Thanks Cscience, but that doesn't address the problem. At some point i may want to create separate playlists or libraries, but right now I'm just trying to get the device to show up on iTunes.  This is an established iPad that we bought some time ago, not a new device.


    Just thought I'd clarify in case you have other ideas.


    I appreciate the reply.

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    Have you tried disabling all security software?


    How about deleting itunes and re-installing it?


    Removing and Reinstalling itunes


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    I have disabled the security software.  I have not yet uninstalled/reinstalled iTunes.  I figured since all the other devices show up and since it's updated with the latest version that iTunes was not likely to be the problem. I'll give it a shot though.

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    Since it shows up on a mac, it seems apparent that itunes on the winxp is having an issue with the ipad, or vice versa




    You can try restoring the iOS on the ipad. But depending on certain factors, this may or not be easier.


    If it were me, I would try a restore on the device.


    Settings/general/reset/erase all content and settings


    I suggest backing up in icloud first.


    If that don't work, then try my above suggestions.

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    After reading through the steps and warnings on the link you provided, I think I'll pass on that fix for now.  I guess we'll just have to stick with backing up all that data on the Cloud. 


    I sure do wish I could find out the cause, though.


    I appreciate your time and your efforts to help. If you have any other thoughts - short of uninstalling iTunes - please let me know.

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    I sent this just before I saw your last bit of advice. We may try resoring the device, but for now I think we'll just do iCloud.

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    I'll admit its somewhat perplexing. It shows up on one computer but not another. Other devices have no issues with same computer.


    Your options are limited, unfortunately. Have you tried every possible usb cord you have?


    Good luck with this, but thats all I have.


    Post back if you ever figure it out


    BTW, I hardly every use itunes anymore more for syncing or backing up. I find icloud to be quite reliable.

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    Will do. Thanks very much for trying.