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My fourteen year old brother keeps figuring out the wifi password in our home. He is not allowed to have it AT ALL, and this infuriates me because now that he has figuered it out YET AGAIN my father might take away wifi all together and tie everyone down to wires..... so... is it possible to block one iphone from using the internet at all hours of the day... like even if he figures out what the password is again can the wifi not accept his iphone as a suitable device? Now before you go on about saying that he shouldnt have an iphone if we dont want him to have internet, we've got it all figured out. He doenst have internet on his iphone, we turned that off and we only allow him to use the phone for games, music, texting, and calling, and so that we can use the tracking device on it to keep him safe, the one problem is that he keeps figureing out the password to our wifi and thus gives himself internet access that he is not allowed to have at all.


SO after you have read my little tale please help me answer this one question:


Is it possible, whether through an app or through our wifi, to block him from using wifi PERMANANTLY.



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Check the manual for your router. What you want is called MAC address filtering. Blacklist his MAC address. (or whitelist all of them but his, depending on what options your router offers.


    That will prevent his device from connecting at all.


    (Note that this will not prevent him from connecting to a different network. Maybe someone should just take the phone away from him. That's what my old man would have done, right after he tanned my backside with a belt... if cell phones had actually existed back then, that is.)