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There's what I think is a handle on top of the iMac G3 casing, and I have been carrying it by holding it in one hand with that handle and placing another hand under the front of the computer. Is this the correct way because the "handle" is just a plastic piece held on with screws. Read a manual for the G3 iMac, found no result for how to carry it. Help?

iMac PPC G3
Solved by Kenichi Watanabe on Apr 4, 2013 5:13 PM Solved

I think that handle being there is sort of an "tribute" to the original (1984) Macintosh, which also had a handle at the top.  And it is functional.  You can lift the whole iMac using that handle.


But I wouldn't carry it around too much.  There are some delicate parts inside.