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How to get control over the ports/port forwarding etc in Airport Extreme?

How to make AE drop packets to certain ports from external ports.  Or create whitelist/blacklists?


I figured out where the MAC filtering is!  (It is inside the Timed Access Control).  I wish it had a list of connected device and allowed me to select, name and add them.


I am getting requests from Chinese IP to the screen sharing ports forwarded to my iMac.  Had requests to other ports as well.  There was one IP address from CANADA too.


I want to open file sharing for local use only.

Airport Extreme
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    Why is Airport Extreme forwarding requests for screen sharing from external ip addresses to my imac?  I don't have a public address, nor use dynamic dns service, and I have removed the server app (at least I think I have, but Apple Store doesn't think so).